iPhone 5 release date rumors rollup in the week ending April 12

Foxconn employee reveals iPhone 5 October launch

South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper reported this week that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5 in October.

“We just got the order,” the Foxconn human resources head apparently told the publication. “[The release] will be around October.”

A Maeil Business Newspaper reporter spoke to the H&R head at the Taiyuan factory.

“Yes, it’s true we are hiring a large number of workers,” the employee told the publication, adding that the release date would be “around October.”

iPhone 5 being internally seeded by Apple

A source cited by 9 to 5 Mac claimed that a variation of the new iPad‘s A5X chipset is internally tested at Cupertino with a view to being included in the company’s next smartphone.

The tested prototype is said to be trialled in older iPhone 4S casings in order to prevent leaks.

The chip is a variation of the one existing in the new iPad as it uses altered architecture that suits a phone rather than a tablet.

iPhone 5 to sport 4-inch screen, unibody design

In a note to investors on Monday, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White estimated that Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers are set to start production of components for the iPhone 5 in June, which makes for a fall release date.

The analyst also believes that the next-gen iPhone will sport 4 inches and it will have 4G LTE connectivity.

White expects that Apple’s next smartphone will push the company’s stock to a $1,001 price target by the end of the year.

iPhone 5 could feature upgraded Siri

According to analysts from the iOS 6 News Blog, the next major operating system, iOS 6, could feature an upgraded version of Siri, as well as a better developed interface.

Apple’s voice recognition system will reportely be activated by simply shaking the phone and voice commands will be used for navigation, searching websites and sharing on social media.

The iOS 6 software is expected to be released at the Worldwide Developers Conference, set to take place in June.

Here’s how iOS apps could look on a 4 inch iPhone 5 screen

The Verge has come up with a concept of the device’s display this week.

The device they thought of boasts a screen resolution of 1152 x 640 pixels, compared to the 960 x 640 pixels found on the iPhone 4S, making the screen as wide as that of the current version but slightly longer.

The Verge

However, the site notes that the resolution for such a screen could pose problems for developers who would have to rebuild their apps but what is certain is that a bigger screen could mean extra space for iOS apps.

iPhone 5 concepts sport unibody design with 4.3 inch screen or longer 4 inch screen

As numerous rumors have appeared lately regarding the unibody aluminum case and 4 inch screen that are believed to equip the iPhone 5, a new concept was presented by Schinagel-Costea Tudor.

The device Tudor imagined features a 4.3 inch display and a unibody case, in accordance with the latest buzz.

Another concept came from 9to5Mac reader Spencer Caldwell whose handset displays a vertical growth.

Its creator added more pixels vertically, while maintaining the same pixels horizontally which would give users access to more apps through one longer screen, as such a display would support six rows of applications.

In addition, Caldwell has extended the device’s home button, ditching the previous circular form.