Pebble: An e-ink smartwatch compatible with iOS and Android

The market has already seen watches connected to Android smartphones via Bluetooth technology such as Sony SmartWatch or the LG Prada Watch.

The Pebble project is a smartwatch that doesn’t offer an LCD touch screen as other brands offer, but an E-Ink screen that can be clearly visible even under sunlight.

It is also equipped with a three-axis accelerometer, a vibrating motor, a microprocessor and a battery capable of “going for 7+ days” before needing recharging, according to its creators.

But its most important feature is by far the Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, which facilitates wireless connection to Android or iOS devices.

Pebble is connected to the iPhone or Android wirelessly over Bluetooth and it is able to display everything from incoming calls, messages and emails to Facebook and Twitter notifications, calendar, and weather alerts.

The Pebble is “the only watch that works perfectly with iPhone and Android smart phones,” says lead developer Eric Migicovsky in the Kickstarter campaign video.