New security system for iOS to be presented at WWDC by Apple

According to the report in the Hindi newspaper published by the Hindustan Times, a high-school student from Agra, named Rahul Agarwal, has developed a security system for iOS that has left Apple engineers impressed.

The daily writes that Apple was so amazed by the boy’s genius that they gave him $2200, a new iPad and also invited him to its June WWDC conference.

What is interesting about the article is that it seems to confirm the exact date of the conference: June 11.

The newspaper writes: “Apple has invited the kid to the WWDC conference to be held on 11th June 2012.”

Apple is expected to implement its ‘Unbreakable’ Security System in upcoming iOS devices by which it aims to put an end to the jailbreaking of the system which has become very common lately.

In addition, a June release for the next iOS means that the iPhone 5 is likely to arrive in the fall.