iPhone 5 release date rumors: 5 reasons why we won’t see the next iPhone this summer

1. The iPhone 5 won’t be presented this summer at the WWDC because the annual conference is dedicated to the Mac.

If until now Apple’s release schedule saw iPhones launching in the summer, it appears that things have changed and this year’s WWDC is reserved to the OS X.

Given the company’s tradition of releasing an OS X every year, we could expect to see an iPhone 5 in the fall.

2. The releases of the iOS versions are closely related to those of a new iPhone model. Apple will launch the iOS 6 without the sixth version of the iPhone and WWDC won’t be held especially for it.

The iOS 6 will definitely be introduced at WWDC 2012 and we will see a beta version but the final version is expected to arrive in the fall when the new iPhone will be officially launched.

3. Qualcomm has announced that they cannot produce enough 4G LTE baseband chips for mobile manufacturers so some future products will be released later than originally anticipated.

The company has already taken steps to address the problems that have prevented them from producing the chips but the delay of the delivery of components to manufacturers suggests that even the iPhone could be released in the fall.

4. There will be a year since the launch of the iPhone 4S in the fall, and Apple has maintained a tradition of releasing products a year apart from each other.

5. Another reason is that sales are going very well for the iPhone 4S, and Apple would have no reason to launch a new iPhone sooner than a year.