iPhone 5 rumors: presenting the Liquidmetal concept

The latest mockup comes from French designer Antoine Brieux who has created a concept of the smartphone called the iPhone LM aka iPhone Liquidmetal, based on the latest rumors that the device will feature ‘liquid metal’ technology.

Liquid Metal is like paint made out of aluminum, full saturated with color, highly resistant to scratching.

One of the most interesting aspects is that the physical home button has been replaced by an identical but “virtual” one which suggests that the display’s aspect ratio could be increased to 16:9. That would allow for a bigger screen while maintaining the form factor.

Brieux’s concept is also powered by a 4.5-inch screen and a frame that is 116.2 mm long, 59.4 mm wide and 7.9 mm deep, according to Nowhere Else.

In addition, the iPhone LM features a 10MP camera and an embedded SIM card.

Rumors suggest the next iPhone will run the iOS 6 operating system which is expected to be presented in June at Apple’s WWDC.