iPhone 5 rumors: leaked SIM card tray reveals no design changes

Recently there were rumors about the home buttons, which were claimed to be part of Apple’s next iPhone.

Now MacRumors reports that component vendor SW-BOX.com claim to have received the iPhone 5 SIM card tray from one of its component suppliers.

However, its design seems to be identical to that of the iPhone 4/4S which suggests that the iPhone 5 won’t look too different from its predecessor.

The site notes that a flat-edged form factor comes in contrast to earlier reports suggesting that the next iPhone would feature “a tapered or rounded-edge design that would likely require a somewhat curved exterior surface for the tray or at least a thinner tray profile as was seen in earlier iPhone models such as the 3G and 3GS.”

The Cupertino company has been pushing to have its own nano SIM standard but it has faced disapproval from competitors who have put up their own designs for a smaller next gen SIM card.

Consequently, a smaller nano-SIM design will not be ready in time to be integrated in the iPhone 5.