iPhone 5 rumors: Reduced touch-panel shipments point to new iPhone

According to sources cited by DigiTimes, touch-panel shipments will be cut from 15 to 20 percent compared with the first quarter.

The report states that the companyis planning on adopting the new in-cell technology for the next iPhone which is “moving into the final stage.”

Recent reports have stated that the next-generation iPhone will use thinner in-cell technology for multi-touch display.

The use of in-cell technology would not only help reduce the size, but also simplify certain stages of production because fewer steps are needed to assemble the panels.

However, the site writes that Apple’s touch-panel suppliers, TPK Holding and Wintek, won’t be providing the in-cell touch panels.

Latest reports suggest that the iPhone 5 could be made partially of Gorilla Glass 2 and sport a 4-inch display. Other rumors claim that the device will feature a liquid metal design.