Princess Charlene rumored to be “depressed” because she cannot give an heir to Prince Albert of Monaco


The princess, 33, cannot become pregnant, according to the Voice magazine. There is speculation about a pact she made after running away days before wedding.

Rumors say Charlene tried to escape from Monaco two days before the wedding, when she heard that Albert had a third illegitimate child. But in an interview on NBC’s Today, the couple denied the speculation.

Asked if any of these rumors are real, Charlene said, “Not at all.”

“Why would he go through the effort to have our most intimate dearest friends join us for us to be reluctant? It sounded a bit hilarious,” she said.

On these stories, the prince came with his theory: “I think they were part jealousy, part people that were envious,” he said. “They did not like the fact that we were finally together.

Back to rumors that the princess cannot give an heir, the magazine said that Charlene is “stressed and frustrated.”

“Charlene has made the subject of pregnancy a taboo topic around the Royal palace,” France’s Voici magazine wrote.

“She might have a smile on her face at official functions, but inside she is stressed and frustrated,” the report stated continued.

“This subject is weighing more and more heavily on her shoulders,” the magazine added.

Albert of Monaco, 54, has a 7-year-old son, Alexandre, with a flight attendant originally from Togo, and a daughter, Jazmin, 20, with American real estate agent Tamara Rotola.

Albert II and South African swimming champion Charlene Wittstock met in 2000, during a swimming competition organized at Monaco. The Prince announced his engagement to Wittstock in July 2010.

Albert and Charlene married on July 2, 2011.

Before this wedding, the previous royal wedding took place in 1956, when Albert’s father, Rainier, married Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly.