Salma Hayek’s husband Francois-Henri Pinault and Linda Evangelista settle child support battle

No indication has been made regarding the amount provided in this agreement.

Evangleista, 46, requested a monthly alimony of $ 46,000 for her boy, Augustine, born in 2006, after a four-month relationship with Francois-Henri Pinault.

With this amount, she wants to pay a bodyguard, a driver and a nanny to take care 24-hour-a-day of her son.

The two did not reveal the terms of their agreement.

“Everybody’s glad for the sake and the benefit of the child that it’s done,” Francois-Henri Pinault’s lawyer, David Aronson said.

François-Henri Pinault considered that this request is not reasonable.

The French billionaire admitted that he did not pay any child support until the justice received a temporary decision last year.

Beginning last week, appearance in court of Linda and Francois-Henri has triggered debates about the revenues.

François-Henri Pinault’s costs have been presented in detail.

He declared that the amount of 210,000 euros is what he spent on gifts in 2010, more than half was allocated for himself – his collection of watches.

“I have a watch collection,” Pinault said. ‘It’s for when I buy a watch for me.”

French businessman said that he gave two gifts to his son Augustine, and one of them was a piano, ordered by the Internet, for Christmas.

“I bought him a present for his birthday and for Christmas,” he said.

“I bought it online. It was a piano thing,” he added, referring to the gift of Christmas.

The lawyers’ model have mentioned the cost of holidays spent by Francois-Henri Pinault with his family: € 45,000 for 10 days in Bora Bora, € 35,000 cost of maintaining his garden in Paris, € 60,000 salary paid to his housekeeper, his sports cars and mansion worth $ 12 million bought for his daughter in Los Angeles.

François-Henri Pinault has explained the reason for not immediately recognizing the child Salma Hayek’s pregnancy did not evolve very well and asked Linda Evangelista to wait until after birth.

Also, when Evangelista told Pinault that she was pregnant with his child, in 2006, the businessman “suggested she terminate the pregnancy.”

As for the birth of her son in 2006, Evangelista refused to say who is his father, until last year.