Volkswagen Hover Car: Is that what the future car will look like? (VIDEO)

One of the concepts, “the hover car”, has managed to impress the auto company representatives so much that they made a film to present it.

The car is the result of the “People’s Car Project”, started by Volkswagen in China, last year.

The car has two seats and looks like a giant yo-yo with big doors.

The machine hangs at less than a meter from the ground and seems easy to drive. It uses electromagnetic road networks to get from one point to another.

A computer attached to the machine detects obstacles and reduces the speed automatically to avoid crashes.

“The creative ideas from the “People’s Car Project,” creates an image of what they want for the future Chinese drivers,” Simon Loasby, Head of Design at Volkswagen Group China, said.

“The trend is towards safe cars that can easily navigate overcrowded roads and have a personal, emotional and exciting design.”