iPhone 5 rumors: users want the next iPhone for 4G LTE

A PCWorld/MacWorld survey questioned around 2,500 people in March.

“Of the Macworld readers asked, 70 percent say they will buy the new device, with 48 percent of those people saying they will preorder it. Far fewer PCWorld readers –15 percent–are already sold on the device. But almost 40 percent of mobile users who read neither PCWorld nor Macworld say they too will buy the iPhone 5,” the publications wrote.

The vast majority said that they plan to upgrade their devices mainly because of its 4G LTE technology.

Rumors of an LTE iPhone 5 have been around for some time now. Last month it was reported that problems with Qualcomm’s LTE chips could cause the smartphone to be released in October.

Other reports have stated that besides 4G LTE the next-gen iPhone will feature a micro-dock connector and a larger screen.