Johnny Depp denies Vanessa Paradis separation rumors

Yesterday Depp was at London’s Empire Leicester Square to promote his latest film with Tim Burton, Dark Shadows.

Asked about rumors of a split from his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis , the 48-year-old denied any separation.

“The rumors are not true. They are absolutely not true,” the actor said, according to U.K.’s Sun.

“No matter what I say about this, people believe the opposite,” he added. “I can’t say enough about it not being over.”

Depp also said of the rumors, as cited by The Mirror, “There’s no truth anymore. It doesn’t matter what I say to you right now, it doesn’t make any difference.”

This is the first time the actor has opened about the separation rumors. Rumors of a rift in the couple’s relationship first surfaced in January.

Tabloids wrote that the actor and his French actress-singer girlfriend ended their relationship after great tensions arose between them.