iPhone 5 rumors rollup in the week ending May 5

Apple seeks control over iPhone5.com domain

According to Fusible, the Cupertino tech giant has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as it looks to gain control of the iPhone5.com domain.

Presently, the respective domain hosts a forum where subjects regarding the iPhone 5 are discussed.

MacRumors wrote that Apple’s effort to gain control over the iPhone5.com domain seems somewhat strange, taking into account the company’s tradition of securing domain names for its products only after their launch.

iPhone 5 rumors: Apple updates its Nano-Sim

Recently it has been reported that Cupertino is proposing a new type of cards called the Nano-Sim.

However, Apple’s competitors, Nokia, RIM and other major smartphone manufacturers, are not pleased with this change in the cards and offer a different, more complex design, which would reduce not only the dimensions.

At present, ETSI members are voting for the design changes. Voting ends this month and if Apple’s design wins, we may see these cards in the next iPhone.

New iPhone mockup with the latest rumored specs

A 9to5mac reader has come up with a mockup of the future iPhone based on recent rumors that the next iPhone could have a 4-inch screen.

The device imagined by the user SheRa measures 125 mm, it has a larger screen and an aluminum casing.

This would mean that the device would increase in length and not in width, a change that would boost the screen resolution from 960 x 640 to 1152 x 640.

iPhone 5 LM Concept featuring virtual home button

An update to the concept made by French designer Antoine Brieux has surfaced on the net this week.

What is interesting about this new concept is the home button which has become virtual, thus allowing for widescreen apps, such as Angry Birds, which is presented in the mockup.

According to pcauthority.com, this virtual home button could mean that Apple has no need to redesign or fragment the iOS.

Users want the next iPhone for 4G LTE

A recent survey shows that users will buy the next iPhone mainly due to the 4G LTE inclusion.

A PCWorld/MacWorld survey questioned around 2,500 people in March.

The vast majority said that they plan to upgrade their devices mainly because of its 4G LTE technology.

iPhone 5 could feature 3D facial recognition

A new Apple patent application suggests that the iOS may be getting a facial recognition update.

Titled “3-D Object Recognition,” the patent describes a new way to generate 3-D facial models with the help of 2-D images.

The function needs photos or videos that show the user’s face from multiple angles in order to create a 3-D representation of his/her face.

iPhone 5 design still not settled, October release?

Apple has reportedly yet to finalize the design of the sixth-generation iPhone.

The site also writes that Apple isn’t planning on using a metal case to replace the glass backing on the iPhone 4S.

In addition, although a change to a 16:9 aspect ratio has been widely rumored, it hasn’t been decided either.

iMore believes that Apple will launch the new iPhone this October, although recent reports have speculated that August could be considered for a potential release date.

Justin Bieber and a prototype of the iPhone 5 in Boyfriend video

Justin Bieber’s latest video “Boyfriend” presents what appears to be a concept of Apple’s next smartphone.

Starting at second 19, a device looking like the “prototype” of an iPhone appears on the screen.

The handset looks pretty slim, it features an edge-to-edge display and it seems to lack a speaker or a camera.