iPhone 5 concept with 4-inch display

Recent reports have stated that Apple is working on a 4-inch display for the next iPhone and plans to increase the height of the screen but maintain its width.

Based on these rumors, MacRumors has come up with a concept of such an iPhone.

The mockup is 11 mm longer than the current model, it has a 4 inch screen, a slightly modified design and a new USB connector.

Previous reports stated that the body of the new device will measure approximately 125 mm, making it 10 mm taller than the iPhone 4S.

However, besides the changes brought to the display, the new model would look basically the same as the current one.

In addition, the site notes that a taller display could mean a new row of icons on, summing up five rows on each page, as well as the row of pinned icons at the bottom of the screen.

The concept also features a smaller dock connector and a flat metal panel in the center of the rear back of the device.

A 3D presentation of the concept, conceived by Ciccarese Design, can be seen via WebGL-enabled browsers by clicking here.