iPhone 5 rumors: new design for 4-inch iPhone

Yesterday, a report in the Wall Street Journal stated that Apple is reportedly looking to expand the screen of his next smartphone.

The publication wrote that Apple has place ordered for the larger displays among its suppliers and that these displays, which will measure at least 4 inches, are expected to enter production next month.

Today, Reuters is backing up on WSJ’s claims, stating that the next iPhone will bring a 30% increase in the current 3.5 inch display, but will have a new design.

The same publication suggests that the increase in screen size is a response to the increasing screen size of Android-based smartphones, particularly made by Apple’s arch-rival Samsung.

Reuters also writes that Apple will rely on LG, Sharp, and Japan Display Inc. for the production of screens for the iPhone 5.

This means that two major publications are now confirming rumors that have been around since at least a year.

Apple’s move to a 4-inch screen for the next iPhone is seen as an effort to respond to the increasing screen size of Android smartphones currently on the market.