iPhone 5 rumors: see how apps could look on a 4-inch screen

Earlier this week, a report in the Wall Street Journal stated that Apple is looking to expand the screen of his next smartphone.

The publication wrote that the company has place ordered for the larger displays among its suppliers and that these displays, which will measure at least 4 inches, are expected to enter production next month.

Yesterday, Reuters backed up on WSJ’s claims, stating that the next iPhone will bring a 30% increase in the current 3.5 inch display, but will have a new design.

The most recent rumor comes from Bloomberg who reports that Steve Jobs had left his mark on the successor of the iPhone 4S, before passing away in October.

The publication writes that Jobs had already anticipated the current market trends regarding the enlargement of screens, and had taken the steps to switch to a 4-inch display instead of the usual 3.5 inches.

Based on these claims, Overdrive Design blog’s Niilo Autio has come up with a series of mock-ups of how apps would look on a 4-inch display using a resolution of 640-by-1,152.

The images are compared to apps on the current iPhone 4/4S screen.