iPhone 5 rumors: next iPhone to feature multi-point focusing camera?

According to AppleInsider, when the camera displays an image on the screen, its software could focus on more items within that image, which is impossible to do in smartphones currently available on the market.

The patent abstract reads: “A camera includes a lens arranged to focus an image on an image sensor and a touch sensitive visual display for freely selecting two or more regions of interest on a live preview image by touch input. An image processor is coupled to the image sensor and the touch sensitive visual display. The image processor displays the live preview image according to the image focused on the image sensor by the lens. The image processor further receives the selection the regions of interest and controls acquisition of the image from the image sensor based on the characteristics of the image in regions that correspond to at least two of the regions of interest on the live preview image. The image processor may optimize sharpness and/or exposure of the image in at least two of the regions of interest. The image processor may track movement of the selected regions of interest.”

Apple’s technology involves the implementation of a special processor that would ensure the focus of images taken by the camera.

The newly patented technology is rumored to be integrated in the next-gen iPhone which is expected to debut sometime this fall.