iPhone 5 latest rumors: next iPhone release, 4-inch display, iOS 6 maps app, new design and others

Apple to launch own maps app with the iOS 6

Sources cited by 9to5mac claim that Apple is planning to ditch the Google Maps program in favor of its own mapping software.

C3 Technologies, a company that Apple acquired in October 2011, is behind the technology.

The new Maps app, which is said to resemble the current Google Maps app, will reportedly be a leading feature of iOS 6.

Apple cuts down iPhone production ahead of refresh – analyst

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu speculates that Apple is cutting down production on its current iPhone in anticipation of its next flagship device.

Production has been reduced by 20% to 25% from the 35.1 million units shipped last quarter, a reduction that Wu says is explained by “the upcoming 6th generation iPhone refresh likely in the September-October timeframe.”

“It appears that Apple is opting to be conservative with its suppliers to factor in a potential two-quarter pause ahead of the refresh and also to manage inventory,” Wu writes.

“We believe this helps explain why its June quarter guidance was somewhat more conservative. We would also like to note that consensus last year grossly underestimated the impact of a pause and inventory drawdown ahead of the iPhone 4S refresh where estimates were significantly off.”

New iPhone 5 concept with 4-inch display

Recently, Apple has been rumored to be working on a 4-inch display for the next iPhone and based on these rumors, MacRumors has come up with a concept of such a device

The mockup is 11 mm longer than the current model and it features a 4 inch screen, a slightly modified design and a new USB connector.

The concept also features a smaller dock connector and a flat metal panel in the center of the rear back of the device.

Ciccarese Design, who is responsible for the concept, has offered a 3D presentation of the concept, which can be seen via WebGL-enabled browsers by clicking here.

Flexible screen for the iPhone 5?

The Korea Times reported this week that Apple will implement a new iPhone flexible screen, dubbing it the iPhone Yoga.

The new iPhone screens are expected to be produce by Samsung, who have already received orders for this type of screen.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun has hinted that Apple could be among its clients.

“We will be mass producing flexible OLED displays from the latter half of this year as the demand from our clients is significant,” Kwon told the publication.

iPhone 5 could have 4-inch screen, display production to start in June – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reported this week that Apple has placed ordered for larger 4-inch displays among its suppliers.

The respective screens are expected to enter production in June and they could be produced by LG Display, Sharp, and a new company, Japan Display Inc., that was created by three Japanese companies and the government, Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba.

Apple’s move to a larger display is seen by many as a sign that the company is looking to stay competitive on the market.

4-inch iPhone could boast new design

Soon after the WSJ report, Reuters backed up on the rumor, claiming that the next iPhone will feature a 30% increase and a new design.

In addition, the publication wrote that LG, Sharp, and Japan Display Inc. will be responsible for the production of the screens for the next iPhone.

Steve Jobs worked closely on iPhone 5 design

Bloomberg reported that the former Apple CEO was closely involved in the design of the iPhone 5 before he passed away.

Work on the iPhone 5 started before the launch of the iPhone 4S, and Jobs had already officially left Apple for medical reasons by that time.

Bloomberg also wrote that Jobs was planning to switch to a 4-inch display instead of the current 3.5 inches as he had correctly anticipated market trends.

See how apps could look on a 4-inch screen

Based on these reports that the next iPhone 5 could come with a larger, 4-inch display, Overdrive Design blog’s Niilo Autio designed a series of mock-ups, showing how apps could look on a 4-inch display with a resolution of 640-by-1,152.

The images are compared to apps on the current iPhone 4/4S screen.

iPhone 5 could feature multi-point focusing camera

A new Apple patent has led to speculation that the iPhone 5 could come equipped with a multi-point focusing system. The technology could also be integrated in the next iPad or iPod touch.

According to the patent, the software could focus on more items within an image that is displayed on the screen.