iPhone 5 rumors: 3.9-inch display and 1136 x 640 pixels resolution tested by Apple

The information is obtained from 9to5mac who suggests that this device is currently being tested by Apple. In fact, the company is rumored to have two devices in tests.

N41AP (5.1) and N42AP (5.2) are the code names of these two devices, both having larger screens, but nobody knows anything about the design.

iPhone 5 is expected to have a screen with a diagonal of 3.95 inches, an increase in height and not in width. The new iPhone is expected to be 3.45-inch tall, 1.94-inch wide and with a screen ratio of 16:9.

This new screen shows 176 pixels in addition to the current iPhone, and it seems that the iOS 6 will feature a fifth row of icons in the Homescreen.

Besides the new modifications, Apple plans to implement a new USB connector, which would have an intermediate size between micro and mini USB, and to maintain the Retina Display.

[Image: Niilo Autio]