iPhone 5 rumors: Sony rumored to have been contacted by Apple to produce new in-cell screens for the next iPhone

Last month rumors surfaced stating that Apple could build the touchscreens of the next iPhones using a new “in cell” technology.

Basically, the iPhone 5 displays that would be built using in-cell technology should be thin and should contribute to a reduction in size of the new device. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that this technology would help to reduce about 15% of the thickness.

The analyst imagines that Apple will reduce the display size of 0.44 mm by 0.46 mm and finally they will reduce the size of the glass that covers the back cover, all these changes resulting in a reduction of 1.44 mm in the thickness of the device.

Although nothing is known for sure, a publication from Taipei said that Sony was chosen by Apple to produce displays using in-cell technology.

Sony is rumored to join Sharp Corp, Toshiba Mobile Display and LG Display in manufacturing panels ahead of a fall launch for the iPhone 5.

Currently, many manufacturers of screens were contacted by Apple to produce displays that are going to get in iPhone 5 and some of them even started production last month. Sony is expected to start production of new screens in the near future, and in summer units should come in large numbers at Foxconn factories where they will be assembled.