Injection without needles, MIT researchers develop this technology (VIDEO)

This technology developed by MIT researchers, will be an alternative for people who are afraid of needles and those who are forced to inject themselves frequently.

“We think this kind of technology … gets around some of the phobias that people may have about needles,” says research scientist Catherine Hogan.

This technology of injecting substances into the human body does not require the use of a needle, will operate with a small jet of high pressure that penetrates into the skin.

Drugs penetrate the body at an almost speed of sound, 340 meters per second. New invention can be used at different speeds and volumes.

MIT’s new invention use a jet with a diameter similar at mosquito proboscis, which people does not feel when it introduces into their skin.

Now, MIT researchers working on a version of the device that can be used with drugs in state of powder, streamlines to be delivered into the skin in a liquid form.

Watch how this technology works: