iPhone 5 rumors: next iPhone to feature 1 GB of RAM, a new ARM processor and a new graphics chip

9to5Mac reports that Apple will use a new version of the A5 chip in the next iPhone, that it will have an ARM S5L8950X processor and an SGX543RC graphics chip.

The name of chip is important in that it shows the development of a new processor, different from the S5L8940X software used in the iPhone 4S and the S5L8945X, but that does not mean it’s a quad-core.

As for the graphics chip, nobody knows what the name denotes or what features it could have.

The iPhone 5 is also expected to offer 1 GB RAM and run the iOS 6 that is rumored to be presented at the upcoming WWDC this month.

In addition, this unit uses the same type of Qualcomm 4G baseband chip found in the new iPad, which doesn’t come as a surprise given that most functions of the tablet are eventually integrated in the iPhone.

Finally, the site writes that Apple will drop the Google Maps application and the app’s interface will be slightly modified to improve the user experience.

Here is an early screenshot of what this new app could look like.