iPhone 5 rumors: here is what the next iPhone could look like

Based on the latest leaked materials, claimed to be parts of the future iPhone, 9to5mac has come up with an image of the device that seems very realistic.

After printing the recently leaked schematics for the iPhone 5, and comparing it with those he made for the previous two iPhone models, Jon Quach, the author of the article, concluded that Apple’s next flagship device will come with a height increase of 0.3 inches, totaling around 4.8 inches.

The diagonal increase of the display measures around 0.5 inches, summing up around 4 inches from the current 3.5 inches.

In addition, by overlaying the schematic on top of both the screen and the body, Jon Quach discovered that the two match up perfectly.

The author of the article then came up with a rough mockup of what an iPhone 5 based on the leaked schematics could look like, printed it and then compared it with a real life iPhone 4S.

The conclusion, Jon Quach says, is that the general belief that a height increase for the future iPhone would make the device too big is wrong, and even provides an image of how easily such a model would fit into your hands.

The article also takes up the rumors regarding the additional row of icons that is likely to appear at the bottom of the screen if a height increase is in the works.

The rumored 4.0 inch display and 1136 x 640 resolution would bring about an increased pixel height of 176 pixels.

Jon Quach compares an iPhone 5 display mockup to the iPhone 4′s homescreen, rendering a visible difference between the two screens.

The iPhone 5 mockup has a 1136 x 640-pixel screen resolution while the iPhone 4 has the 960 x 640-pixel resolution homescreen.

In conclusion, Jon Quach’s analysis shows that the future iPhone is very likely to bring a height increase, as well as a larger display, according to the latest rumors and leaks that have surfaced on the net.

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