New Apple TV to be launched at WWDC

Citing “trusted sources,” BGR claims that Cupertino is planning a demo of a new version for its Apple TV OS at the upcoming WWDC.

The site also states that the Os is the same as the one on the HDTV that the company is rumored to be having in the works.

In addition, Apple is rumored to be testing a new “control out” API.

The company is believed to be eyeing collaborations with manufacturers in order to make accessories that will be compatible with the new Apple TV OS and the future iTV.

The site writes that the API will allow users to control a connected component from the Apple remote.

Apple is rumored to be planning to launch the new Apple TV OS at the WWDC this month.

A refreshed version of the MacBook Pro, as well as upgrades included in the new iOS are also expected to debut at the Apple event.