iPhone 5 rumors: NFC to be included in next iPhone

According to Orange, the Cupertino company is concerned about the fact that the tech may not meet expectations.

“There is a question about Apple [adopting NFC for the iPhone 5],” said Jean-Paul Cottet, executive VP of group marketing and innovation, at Orange, as cited by CNET UK. “I think, seen from Apple[‘s perspective], the market is not yet enough mature.”

Cottet recently had a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook and marketing chief Phil Schiller on the subject of NFC. He added that Apple has to focus on “the customer journey,” meaning the advantages the technology can offer to clients.

But first, the site notes, in order to be put into practice, NFC has to be adopted by the shops and retail stores where such transactions are possible.

Now mobile manufacturers, such as Noka, are building their phones with NFC included.

“For Nokia, [NFC] is a no brainer. It changes the game,” Cottet said. “And we have the good support of Microsoft, even for Windows Phone 8… They work on NFC from day one on the new Windows Phone operating system.”

In France, NFC-enabled SIMs were provided to customers by Orange last year with a view to start building an NFC market.

“All our SIM cards are now NFC-enabled,” said Cottet. “We decided to put that on all post-pay SIMs, not for pre-pay — but 90 per cent of the business is post-paid in France… We are betting on the future.”