iPhone 5 rumors: Qualcomm preparing to produce 4G LTE chips for next iPhone

According to DigiTimes, the company is gearing up to produce the first 4G LTE chips and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has been chosen for this process.

Qualcomm plans to use a 28-nm manufacturing process for these chips, which means that the final products will be small components that manage energy efficiently.

The site cites sources saying that Qualcomm will need about 10,000 28-nanometer 12-inch wafers, which represents one-third of the 28-nanometer capacity at TSMC, to produce 4G chips for the iPhone 5.

In addition, Broadcom is also expected to be producing Wi-Fi chips for Apple, while OmniVision is reportedly looking to get in on TSMC’s 12-inch fabrication process.

The news is a confirmation of rumors stating that Qualcomm will be manufacture these chips.