iPhone 5 rumor rollup in the week ending June 16: September release date, 4G LTE chips and swappable camera lenses

This past week has seen various sites reporting about possible components of the future iPhone.

Also, the iPhone 5 has stirred designers’ imagination into creating some interesting concepts of what Apple’s next flagship device could look like.

Here is a recap of this week’s iPhone 5 rumors.

Is Apple teasing us with iPhone 5 image?

iDownloadBlog noticed that during the keynote presentation of Eyes Free at the WWDC, a taller iPhone appeared at the minute 79.04.

The device seemed to sport a wider display and fueled rumors suggesting that the next iPhone will feature a 4-inch screen.

Also, by flipping the image on its side to examine the device’s aspect ratio, CNET discovered that the screen of the pictured handset matched the rumored 16:9 aspect ratio.

Release date slated for September, analyst says

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated in a report that Apple will likely release the iPhone 5 in early September.

According to the analys, the handset will feature the new iOS version which was launched on Monday at the WWDC.

Rendered photos show the possible iPhone 5

Several rendered photos uploaded by Dutch designer Martin Hajek onto his Flickr account show an assembled version of what the iPhone 5 could look like, based previous leaked components.

The device appears has a dark edge and the material on the back side doesn’t appear to be aluminum.

Rumors about a redesigned speaker grill, a repositioned headphone jack and a smaller dock connector seem to be confirmed by the images.

iPhone 5 to feature tactile touchscreen

Tactus Technology presented a touchscreen haptic user-interface technology last week at SID 2012.

According to Dave Smith, from the International Business Times, there seem to be similarities between Tactus’ technology and a recent Apple patent for “flexible OLED display.”

Smith speculates that Apple could introduce the technology in the next iPhone.

Swappable camera lenses for iPhone 5?

On Thursday, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that details a method for removing the back cover of an iPhone to reconfigure or replace the lens.

The application presents images of a device that looks very much like an iPhone with the camera in the top-left-corner location.

The lens would be part of a removable back panel and multiple lenses could be integrated on a single panel.

iPhone 5 concept with transparent Retina Display

A video of an iPhone with the se-through Retina Display and holographic keyboard was created by a 17-year-old Oklahoma teen.

This faux video was meant to be seen as an iPhone 5 commercial.

Dakota Adney, the creator of the clip, imagined the concept with iOS 6, a quad-core A5 chip and a see-through Retina Display, as well as a virtual projected keyboard.

Qualcomm gearing up to produce 4G LTE chips for next iPhone

Qualcomm is reportedly preparing to produce the first 4G LTE chips and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has been chosen for this process.

As the company plans to use a 28-nm manufacturing process for these chips, the final products are expected to be small components that manage energy efficiently.

The news is a confirmation of rumors stating that Qualcomm will be manufacture these chips.