iPhone 5 release date rumors and features – what will the future iPhone feature?

These are just rumors and we will know more on the day the device is officially released, yet there are many rumors were true in the past on previous Apple products.

We have made a summary of the rumored features of the sixth generation iPhone based on reports that have appeared this year. We also want to ask you what you want from the future handset and if you think the iPhone 5 will have these specifications.

In terms of the display, the next iPhone is rumored to have a larger screen and a modified design as Apple would like to implement a higher capacity battery in the iPhone 5. The device could have a screen resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, a 4-inch display and 16:9 screen ratio.

The handset is also expected to have a 4G LTE chip similar to the one found in the iPad 3 and Qualcomm is expected to produce this component.

Regarding the design, the new iPhone will reportedly be just 7.9 mm thick, it will sport an aluminum unibody casing, FaceTime HD camera with a new image sensor and an improved main camera.

The iPhone 5 could have a larger screen and it could be taller, but not wider.

The smartphone will have 1 GB RAM, Apple will use a new version of the A5 chip in the next iPhone, that it will have an ARM S5L8950X processor and an SGX543RC graphics chip.

A new Broadcom chip will be implemented in order to manage energy more efficiently and to allow the use of Wi-Fi Direct.

The iPhone 5 could come with Gorilla Glass 2, the most resistant screen for mobile devices.

The new handset could be equipped with a new USB connector and Apple might give up on the 30-pin one as the company is actively working to develop a new and smaller one.

Finally, the next iPhone could be waterproof, all thanks to the Liquipel technology, and it could be built using a new “in cell” technology that would contribute to a reduction in size of the new device.