Apple to use Liquidmetal tech for the iPhone 5 and future devices?

The Cupertino company has been using this technology since 2010 in manufacturing the gadgets used to take out SIM cards. The material that could be used to build the next iPhone case is based on metals such as nickel, titanium, zirconium, copper and others.

This year the company has extended the agreement for exclusive use of the technology.

The initial agreement expires in February and the company has extended its exclusivity until 2014. Now speculation has appeared regarding the development of devices that will use the Liquidmetal technology to manufacture components.

Market watchers believe that it is difficult to produce major components on an industrial scale using “liquidmetal”, but in the future Apple plans to implement an improved manufacturing process that will allow this and the future iPhone case will be built using this technology.

The inventor of the technology says that it will take between two and four years until Apple will be able to produce a MacBook Pro only out of liquidmetal, but in the meantime we could see different components mad from this material. Even if the technology won’t be used for Macs, Apple could use it to build an iPhone.

In the video below the CEO of the company that developed this technology, Thomas Steipp, says Apple will extend the use of this technology to its other products.