iPhone 5 concept with 4-inch screen with homescreen widgets

The concept was created by Andrea Cervone at iPhoneItalia who believes that Apple will optimize the additional free space to incorporate new elements into the homescreen of the new iPhone.

Without changing the current operating system, the company could allow the insertion of widgets at the top of the display.

Cervone imagine what the homescreen of the next iPhone could look like.

Weather, Stock Exchange and the new “Share Widget” of the iOS 6 for posting updates on Twitter and Facebook could be directly accessed from the homescreen.

Cervone even sees the possibility of turning the extra space into a section for preview the new Maps application. He says Apple could choose to use the space available in the Home interface to display a small preview of the route to follow.

Recently, rendered pictures of a white iPhone based on images of the cases for the device have surfaced on the net.

The images were posted on Flickr by Dutch designer Martin Hajek, who imagined the iPhone with a striped aluminum back and 16:9 ratio.