iPhone 5 rumors: iOS 6 new graphics system could help release larger iPhone 5 screen

The iOS 6 was introduced at the WWDC 2012 and in a iOS SDK slide during the keynote the feature Auto Layout briefly appeared.

According to Techcrunch, the function is available in the Xcode for the OS X and it is used by developers to easily manipulate the graphics of the applications on different resolutions.

This new system of “scaling” the app graphics would help Apple implement a larger screen in its next iPhone.

The site writes: “Auto Layout allows developers to create a set of constraints that define how UI elements are displayed on-screen. Instead of using the standard “springs and struts” positioning method, Auto Layout allows those elements to shift and move depending on a prioritized list of rules — think “the left side of one button should always be 30 away from the right side of another button.” Developers will be able to streamline their UI design process, but Auto Layout’s uses may extend far beyond that.”

The Auto Layout is believed to allow applications to run on a 1136 x 640 resolution on a 4-inch screen. Developers could update the app graphics after the launch of the much-anticipated device.

The implementation of this system in the iOS is seen by developers as imperative so that Apple is able to change the resolution of the new iPhone.