Apple wins patent for inductive charging system, will we see it in the iPhone 5?

Inductive charging isn’t a new technology, but Cupertino has patented a method by which an electronic device can be charged by induction with a special dock, Patently Apple reports.

“Apple has received a Granted Patent relating to circuits, methods, and apparatus for adapters, such as inserts and cable adapters, and docking stations that include one or more of the following: reradiating antennas to enhance wireless signal integrity, inductive charging circuits, and wireless or optical data links. To date, Apple has yet to debut an inductive charging dock for iOS devices,” the site writes.

If Apple decides to implement the inductive charging method in the next iPhone, then theoretically we will be able to charge the device simply by placing it in a certain area of ​​that dock.

If the company decides to launch a product that is compatible with the tech, then inductive charging could become a standard for future smartphones.