iPhone 5 release date and specs rumors this week

iPhone 5 design by Patrick Eckert

This past week has seen Apple’s flagship device mark its fifth anniversary. Since the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has earned more than $ 150 billion thanks to the smartphone alone.

According to statistics made by Strategy Analytics, the handset has generated $ 150 billion in cumulative sale since it was launched five years agos.

Analysts also believe that the next device is expected to lead the smartphone market in 2013.

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz estimated that the iPhone 5 is expected to be released in September with 4G LTE connectivity.

He also estimates that sales of the next iPhone will most likely score records in the holiday season.

However, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White detailed a report from Chinese news website Sina.com which revealed that Apple partners have problems in the production process, as only 30% of the battery products manufactured so far meet the quality standards.

The company might not be able to improve the manufacturing process in time to allow the production of the battery in larger quantities.

As for the awaited increase in screen size, the Cupertino company has reportedly asked developers to double the current resolution for future icons for iOS applications.

Developers of applications required to submit icons with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels. Speaking of apps, a team of engineers is reportedly working on a software that is meant to ease the time apps take to launch.

The tech is called predictive caching and it functions similarly to predictive texting in that it will try to figure out a series of software routines based on the user’s behavior while using the device.

It will then try to guess which step is most likely to be taken next in a computerized process.

The software could reduce the average app boot time from 20 seconds to merely 6 seconds.

In addition, rumors of a 19-pin dock connector have resurfaced this week, with Gizmodo coming up with an interesting theory according to which this new port connector could be compatible with the standard micro-USB.

Apple has reportedly signed a document by which they comply with the European Union directive to standardize chargers around micro-USB, which means that users will be able to charge an iPhone using any charger that is compatible with the standard micro-USB.

Also, NFC was in the rumors about the next iPhone.

9to5Mac managed to get a log with information about iPhone 5 hardware and concluded that the device will feature NFC tech, fueling rumors about NFC integration in the next device.

Also, the new Passbook app that allows users to make payments at shops / service providers in the U.S., all without taking a penny out of the pocket is viewed by analysts as a precursor to a more developed e-payment tech for the future iPhone, possibly even featuring “wave and pay” technology.

In addition, Jim Peters, CTO at SITA, announced at the Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels that they have to be ready for the implementation of NFC technology, which he believes is likely to take place before the end of the year.

New iPhone 5 concepts were created by Martin Hajek, the Dutch designer who also published iPhone 5 photo renders based on leaked parts and schematics.

iPhone 5 white - studio shot

The mockups present a thinner handset, with a unibody design and the rear panel made mostly from aluminum, and with images of the iOS 6 app Passbook appearing on the screen.