iPhone 5 release date could be in September, analyst says

Despite recent reports that said Apple partners have problems in producing the batteries for the future device, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White asserts that the handset will hit the market in September this year.

White claims that the launch of the next Samsung Galaxy Note and the possible release of the Microsoft Surface tablets would make Apple come up with a competitive iPhone that would be sold in tens of millions of copies by the end of the year.

The launch of the next iPhone depends on the release if the iOS 6, and Apple said that the next version of the operating system will be introduced in its products in the fall.

In addition, in a note to investors, White also writes that Chinese news website Sina.com reports that the company producing the battery for the iPhone 5 is having trouble meeting Apple’s standards in terms of batteries.

“If there is a battery challenge, we trust that Apple will be able to figure it out in time for a September launch,” White wrote, according to AppleInsider.

News about problems with the battery manufacturing process is not new. We recently reported that Apple partners have problems in the production process.

More specifically, only 30% of the battery products manufactured so far meets the quality standards.