iPhone 5 release date rumors in September with quad-core processor, 4-inch front panel and in-cell tech

iPhone 5 design by Patrick Eckert

Gizmodo came up with a list of the benefits and drawbacks that such a 16:9 resolution could bring.

The site sees a 16:9 display as the “format of the future,” with HD videos, TV shows, home videos standing as proofs and also more pixels and more information added on the screen of the next iPhone.

In terms of disadvantages, the site believes that the battery life of the iPhone would be greatly affected because of the increase in graphic power demands, pixel activation, and backlighting.

Developers would have to redesign their apps for the new screen, and in addition, the idea of a 16:9 ratio was not approved of by Steve Jobs, who believed that such a change didn’t make sense in terms of design of the smartphone.

Adding to the recent iPhone 5 release date rumors was a note by Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White who estimates that the handset will hit the market in September this year.

White claims that Apple is likely to come up with a competitive iPhone that would be sold in tens of millions of copies by the end of the year in order to face up to competition with the next Samsung Galaxy Note and the possible release of the Microsoft Surface tablets.

The analyst also wrote that Chinese news website Sina.com reports that the company producing the battery for the iPhone 5 is having trouble meeting Apple’s standards in terms of batteries.

“If there is a battery challenge, we trust that Apple will be able to figure it out in time for a September launch,” White wrote, according to AppleInsider.

The same analyst also reported about a recent drop in sales at Wintek, Apple’s supply chain partner involved in production of display touch panels, and speculated that this decrease could be related to the implementation of in-cell panels for the iPhone 5.

White believes that Wintek’s role in Apple’s supply chain is fading as the company moves to new technologies.

As for specs of the iPhone 5, the device is also rumored to come with a quad-core processor, similar to the Samsung Series 4 Exynos.

In addition, Chinese technology blog MyDrivers posted a leaked picture of a larger, 4-inch front panel for the next iPhone, apparently from supply chain sources.

Insiders claim that in-cell technology was used in order to allow the introduction of touch sensors directly into the screen, which would help make the device thinner.

The first image presents the panel of the future iPhone, while the second one displays the iPhone 4/4S panel.

A new iPhone 5 concept that appeared online presents a watch with a curved-glass screen, running the iOS and featuring a very interesting wearable case.

The mockup is designed by Federico Ciccarese from the Italian design house Ciccarese Design.

Based on a summary of the rumors that have circulated so far on the launch, design, operating system and other specs of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, InRumor invites you to cast your vote and choose the smartphone that makes the best buy in your opinion.