Amazon smartphone to compete with iPhone 5?

As the release date of the iPhone 5 is approaching, the number of competitors is growing.

Apple is expected to introduce its new technological marvel in September or October 2012 and it may have a hard time making a difference from what its competitors offer.

The news comes from Bloomberg, who cites anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

The site writes that Amazon is currently developing its first smartphone, in collaboration with Foxconn, who is also the manufacturing partner of Apple in the production of the next iPhone.

The insiders claim that Amazon is preparing the biggest secret smartphone that would be powered by Android, the mobile operating system from Google.

According to Bloomberg, the smartphone assembled by Amazon would join the family of Android devices at an entry-level, in order to offer the product at an attractive price, rumored to be between 150 and $ 170.

The site also writes that Amazon is trying to buy patents in order to defend itself against possible attacks on the violation of technological patents.

Finally, a note from Citigroup analysts dating from last November stated that the launch could take place in late 2012.