iPhone 5 rumors: “iPhone 5 engineering samples” leaked from China

The alleged “iPhone 5 engineering samples” were sent to GottaBeMobile by “a trusted source inside the Apple supply chain.”

The images show that the next iPhone will be slightly taller and thinner and have about the same width as that of the iPhone 4/4S.

The so-called iPhone 5 is just over 120mm tall, compared to the iPhone 4S which measures 115.2mm, fueling rumors of a larger display.

The fact that the width of the sample is almost the same as that of the iPhone 4S (58.6mm), shows that Apple plans a taller, but not wider screen for the device.

Based on the images, the site writes that the rear-facing camera remains on the top-left of the back of the phone and a rear-facing microphone placed between the camera and flash.

It also appears that the iPhone 5 will keep the re-designed antenna layout from the iPhone 4S.

As for rumors of a metal back, the engineering sample seem to show that two materials could be used on the back of the handset.

The site speculates that the middle part could be made of metal, possibly Liquidmetal, while the top and bottom could inckude glass, plastic or a different material.