iPhone 5 release date rumors in fall, pre-orders begin in this China store?

Chinese site Sohu posted an ad put up by a store for the early pre-orders of the iPhone 5.

The poster apparently presents what looks like a large iPod Touch, with “iPhone 5” written in large letters.

GottaBeMobile notes that this could be explained thanks to the media frenzy that exists in China surrounding the next iPhone.

The site also writes that small retailers like this one might have a hard time offering market iPhones once Apple releases the product.

As for pre-orders, they only start until after the iPhone has been announced, which usually happens a week ahead of the official launch.

Recently, GottaBeMobile posted several “iPhone 5 engineering samples” from China that show a taller and thinner smartphone.

The iPhone 5 has been rumored to be released in the fall, in September or October.