iPhone 5 release date in fall yet pre-orders are made in China at prices between $160-1200

Reuters has found that website Taobao takes pre-orders for the iPhone 5, with sellers asking for amounts between 160 and $ 1200 for a pre-order.

For now it seems that there are several dozen people interested in buying the new device, so sellers can raise tens of thousands of dollars until the official launch in the fall.

Regarding the way of bringing the iPhone in China, sellers say that the units will be purchased in the U.S. and Hong Kong at the official launch and then brought ​​in China.

In China, Apple launches the new products a few months after their release.

“Demand is high. Yesterday someone just bought two phones. Altogether we have about two dozen orders,” a seller on Taobao told Reuters.

“It’s not so easy to bring the phones from overseas, there’s a limit to how many you can carry in…If we could bring in a few thousand that will be great!,” he added.

The next iPhone will be released this fall, in September or October. It is also rumored that device will come with a larger screen.