iPhone 5 release date prompts nano-SIMs stockpiling by European carriers

Source: The Verge

A report from Financial Times states that this stockpiling of the minuscule smartphone cards hints gives rise to speculation that the iPhone 5 will soon be released.

According to “sources with knowledge of the situation” cited by the Financial Times, the future iPhone is expected to come with a thinner form factor that will need the use of such smaller SIM cards.

An insider added that “the iPhone 5 was likely to be similar sized as the iPhone 4 although slimmer and with a fully metal body.”

In addition, the report states that carriers are trying to avoid being “caught off guard by the adoption” of the new SIM card, as it happened with the iPhone 4 and iPad:

Back in May, an iPhone parts vendor claimed to have received a SIM card tray from one of its component suppliers.

However, its design apeared to be identical to that of the iPhone 4/4S which suggests that the iPhone 5 won’t look too different from its predecessor.