FLASHr acts as notification case for iPhone 4/4S

FLASHr is a case built for the iPhone 4/4S, powered by the smartphone’s LED camera flash, and the iOS built in “LED Flash Alerts”.

Several sides of the case are illuminated with the LED flash.

By turning on “LED Flash Alerts” in Accessibility settings, the device’s LED camera flash lights up for calls, texts, emails, and for Push Notifications.

According to Kickstarter, the authors of this project, the case is made of three layers.

Light rays coming from the camera flash are reflected onto the Glow Frame and then bounced internally, which produces the effect of a glowing case.

Each of the three layers is available in five colors which guarantee 125 possible color combinations.

Pledge $35 for one of six color combinations or $50 for a special edition of a clearer outer frame.