iPhone 5 release date may be delayed due to shortage of 28nm chips

Shanghai-based newspaper First Financial Daily reports that the high-end chips are manufactured using 28-nanometer fabrication.

According to Qi Fei, a spokesman for Qualcomm China, the company will be able to provide enough supply of 28nm chips only by the end of this year.

This would mean that the launch of the anticipated iPhone 5 would be delayed until next year.

As the popularity of smartphones increased in Q2 of 2012, demand for 28nm chips grew as well.

The daily also reports that Qualcomm has entered partnerships with South Korea’s Samsung and Taiwan’s United Microelectronics in order to handle the undersupply issue.

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tom Cook hinted at the possibility of a “future product” launch, leading to speculation that he could have been referencing the iPhone 5.