iPhone 5 rumors: new dock connector could pose problems to car compatibility

We have recently reported about Apple’s plans to move to a smaller 19-pin dock connector with the next iPhone, as a replacement of the current 30-pin port.

But according to CNET’s Wayne Cunningham, this new change may force automakers to find new ways to integrate this connection into their cars.

The author of the article notes that many cars, including those from Ford, BMW and Honda, use a standard USB port to connect to the iPhone.

This shouldn’t pose any problem to the new 19-pin port that could use the same adapter cable as current models of iPhones and iPods.

However, if Apple decides to do a major redesign to its next smartphone, current car models may not be able to decode the signal from the iPhone 5, Cunningham writes.

In the case of Kia, Hyundai, Audi, and Volkswagen, their cars use an iPhone cable that is specific to the car, which means that users will be have to buy an adapter cable with the 19-pin connector in order to use the iPhone with their car.

Before these new modifications are applied, Cunningham writes, Bluetooth audio streaming may be the solution.

Since Bluetooth is a standard, the iPhone 5 should work with the car’s Bluetooth systems.

However, with Bluetooth streaming, users have to use the phone, instead of the car’s stereo system, when selecting music.