Robert Pattinson takes refuge at Reese Witherspoon’s ranch

Since U.S. Weekly published the compromising photos, the world has their eyes on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The same magazine reports that he has taken refuge at Reese Witherspoon’s ranch in Ojai, California, to find some comfort.

Witherspoon and Pattison co-starred in Water for Elephants.

Robert is so upset and confused that he has decided to isolate himself in order to reflect and understand what happened with the couple.

“There was no sign that either of them was unhappy,” a source told People. “He would have done anything for her.”

The 26-year-old actor has had his “heart ripped out,” according to the magazine’s sources, while Stewart is likewise devastated.

Pattinson continues to be discreet and has reportedly cancelled media appearances for his latest film.

This situation is even more painful for Robert, who is rumored to have been planning to propose to Kristen before the end of the summer.