iPhone 5 rumors: $800 iPhone 5 price outrages Apple fans

Up to this moment there is no clear indication as to where the news originated.

The rumor became a trend on Twitter, prompting thousands of users of the micro-blogging site to express their disbelief.

The phrase “iPhone 5 $800” became the second most popular non-promoted trending topic on Twitter worldwide, and the third most popular in the US.

The hashtag #800DollarsForAniPhone and “For $800” were also trending on the worldwide social network this morning.

International Business Times has discovered an article on the site gamenguide.com which points to a Chinese auction site that posted a picture of a phone identified as a new iPhone for about $800 to $1,050.

However, the site writes that the picture is most likely a scam and that the new iPhone couldn’t cost that much.

According to latest reports, Japan’s Sharp Corp. will start shipping screens for Apple’s next iPhone this month.