Phil Schiller on the history of the iPhone, new design for the iPhone 5

Schiller claims that Apple was envisioning the production of different car concepts before the iPhone, but the device has attracted so much attention that development plans were completely changed.

In 2011 Steve Jobs did some market research to find out what consumers wanted and he discovered that 85% of consumers put great emphasis on design when buying a smartphone.

Jobs did not believe in market research, he wasn’t too interested in what people wanted to see, but Apple wanted to develop products that people didn’t realize that they needed.

AllThingsD wrote about Schiller’s comments: “People suggested all kinds of things Apple could do, Schiller recalled: “Make a camera, make a car, crazy stuff.”

Schiller said the company had been working on the tablet computer that would later become the iPad, but decided to shift its attention to the phone.

“At the time, cellphones weren’t any good as entertainment devices,” Schiller said.”

Samsung lawyers have tried to learn from Schiller if the iPhone 5 will have a truly new design, but Apple’s marketing chief declined to disclose confidential information about future products.