iPhone 5 release date rumors, prototypes, leaks and more

iLounge reported that the September 21 release for the iPhone 5 received confirmation from sources with knowledge of the matter.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 at a special event on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, with a product release set for nine days later.

In addition, insiders cited by AllThingsD also claim that an Apple media event will take place that week.

However, it has been reported that Apple may have problems with iPhone 5 stocks due to low yield rates of in-cell touch panels.

The screen of the next iPhone is based on a new technology called in-cell and it seems that Apple’s Asian partners are having problems in manufacturing these displays.

Because of the poor yield rate of in-cell panels, Apple’s shipping schedule for the new iPhone is likely to be disrupted.

But tech sites have also reported that Japan’s Sharp Corp. will start shipping screens for Apple’s next iPhone this month.

Sharp CEO Takashi Okuda confirmed the information at a press briefing in Tokyo on Thursday.

If production starts in August, a September launch seems very likely.

The possible September launch for the device has caused a rise in the number of iPhones on sale on eBay.

On recent days over 100,000 smartphones were offered for trade-in, 70% higher than usual, as users start selling their old devices in order to purchase the new one.

A rumor stating that the next iPhone will cost $800 became a trend on Twitter this week and shocked Apple fans.

An article from the site gamenguide.com, discovered by International Business Times, points to a Chinese auction site that posted a picture of a phone identified as a new iPhone for about $800 to $1,050.

However, the site writes that the picture is most likely a scam and that the new iPhone couldn’t cost that much.

Speaking of the iPhone price, analysts expect Apple to set a new record, as the company plans to spend no more than $7.5 billion in 2012, money that represents expenditures designed to increase its capital.

The iPhone 5 is expected to generate very high sales during the holidays.

Rumors on the device’s dock connector were also present.

iLounge wrote that Apple will implement an 8-pin connector in the next iPhone, a rumor that contradicts previous ones stating that the company has received a patent for a 16- or 19-pin.

Interestingly, a video on the rumored new dock connector appeared, trying to give the impression that a new iPhone dock connector adapter has leaked on the Apple online store.

However, the clip proved fake since Apple has yet to put such accessory on sale.

But a video of what is claimed to be the next iPhone brought the rumored device closer to reality.

Chinese-language repair site iLab.cc managed to assemble the iPhone 5, based on recent leaks, along with some internal parts and Japanese blog Macotakara presented the same assembly in a video.

The device looks slightly thinner, featuring a larger display and a centered FaceTime camera.

A smaller 19-pin dock connector and a new speaker grill placement are also confirmed by the pictures.

Cases and sketches of the iPhone 5 have appeared in China on auction site Alibaba.

Also, a new iPhone 5 sketch surfaced, showing a device similar to the one presented so far in various images, featuring a 4-inch screen and a revamped design.

Adding to the long list of iPhone 5 leaked photos were a series of pictures posted by Chinese site cnbeta.com that present a case that looks identical to that of the iPad 2 and 3.

Contradicting recent rumors stating that the next iPhone will feature a 19-pin port, the 30-pin dock connector is still present.

Images of a new prototype of the iPhone 5 were posted on the site Neowin and allegedly came from a source “who is an ex staff member from a long time ago.”

The insider claims that the device is a “non functional replica prototype” that is nonetheless, “pretty accurate too.”

The handset sports a unibody case that appears to be made from aluminum and an exterior consisting of a single piece.

A longer 4-inch display is also featured, as well as a new dock connector and a replaced headphone jack.

The iPhone 5 has also reportedly appeared in the company’s server logs, according to TechCrunch.

The site reported that iPhone 5,2 is the name of the prototype discovered in the logs, which may mean that Apple has begun testing the device.

A detailed comparison between the front panels of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 was presented in a video.

The screens of the two devices are compared in order to better understand how much the future device will change.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to come with a larger 4-inch screen and the front panel of the device is 0.1 mm thinner than that of the iPhone 4S, making the new smartphone longer by about 14mm, and also more resistant to scratches.

The distance between the display and the button home has been reduced, as well as that between the screen and the speaker / FaceTime camera, while the hole for the Home button has a diameter that is 0.3 mm smaller, a sign that Apple could change the future device button and not ditch it all together.