Top 5 iPhone 5 prototype photos

The question is which of the following prototypes are closer to how you’d like the next iPhone to look like.

First pics of the back and sides of the next iPhone claimed to be the same with internally tested iPhones

In May, repair company iFixYourI published the photos of a new part from a Chinese supplier and sent them to 9to5Mac.

The site claimed to have information from sources inside Apple that said these cases were in fact prototypes that were internally tested by the company.

iPhone 5 prototypes have NFC

In late June, 9to5Mac managed to get a log with information about iPhone 5 hardware and concluded that the device will feature NFC tech. also reported then that Jim Peters, CTO at SITA, announced delegates at the Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels that they have to be ready for the implementation of NFC technology, which he believes will happen before the end of the year.

Photos of leaked iPhone fully assembled

Chinese-language repair site managed to assemble the iPhone 5, based on recent leaks, along with some internal parts.

The smartphone appears with a two-tone design for its back panel.

New iPhone 5 white prototype photos surface

The site Neowin posted pictures of a new prototype of the future iPhone coming from a source “who is an ex staff member from a long time ago.”

The insider claimed that the device was not a functional one, but a “non functional replica prototype” that is nonetheless, “pretty accurate too.”

iPhone 5 prototype presented in images

iPhone 5 photos were recently leaked by Chinese site

The device presented sports a case that looks identical to that of the iPad 2 and 3.

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