80% of Americans would choose the iPhone 5 over the iPad Mini

Courtesy of CiccareseDesign

A survey conducted by CouponCodes4u.com sought to investigate the impact this joint launch could have on consumers.

Here is what the poll discovered, according to Cult of Mac:

“According to a survey of 1,873 Americans conducted by CouponCodes4u.com, 78% of people said that they are likely to leave the iPad mini and pick up the new iPhone instead. 77% of those people said that already owned an iPhone already.

When asked why the iPhone would be their preferred choice, 46% of people said the iPad mini was “pointless,” while 39% said that they would simply use the new iPhone more.

52% of those who said they would prefer the iPad mini over the new iPhone already owned an iPad. 69% of them said that the reason for their decision was that the new iPhone wouldn’t be all that different to the iPhone 4S.

Interestingly, 41% of respondents said that Apple should follow the current “mini tablet” trend, and that it shouldn’t release an iPad mini at all.

Of the 1,873 people included in the survey, CouponCodes4u notes that 76% already own an Apple device of some sort. 64% of them owned an iPhone, while 39% had an iPad, and 31% had an iPod.”

The iPhone 5 is expected to be officially released on the market on September 21, while the iPad Mini is expected sometime in November.