iPhone 5 rumors: components of next iPhone compared to iPhone 4 and 4S

The pictures show that Apple returns to rotational electric motor design for the vibrator of the iPhone 4.

Regarding flex cable designs, the company continues to group the cables by function and physical proximity of the components that are interconnected and the image shows how much their design has evolved in time.

The second photo presents the cables that control the volume control button/mute switch assembly and the headphone jack from a different perspective.

In the case of the iPhone 5, the repositioning of the audio port at the bottom of the device has caused an extension of the cable which includes the mechanism that blocks sites and shuts them down.

With previous models, the Lock button was included in the cable that controlled the proximity and ambient light sensors, but now the sensor cable has become simplified.

These new components demonstrate once again that the iPhone 5 will have a modified design with an headphone jack positioned at the bottom of the device.